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PCR Testing for Schools
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Low-Cost COVID-19 PCR Testing for Schools


Simple test kits make sample collection easy, even for elementary school grades.

School Districts

Medio has enough testing capacity to test every student and staff member in your district twice per week.


Medio extends the same test pricing to every family member in the school community to keep everyone in student pods safe.

Why Medio Lab tests are better than "pooled testing"

With traditional pooled testing, anytime a pooled sample tests positive, everyone in the pool must be retested. Medio’s advanced molecular barcode system maintains all the scale and cost benefits of pooled testing, but generates definitive positive and negative test results for every individual sample submitted, with minimal retesting or additional costs or delays. 

Simple kit delivery and return process makes 
collection and reporting easy, even in kindergarten

  1. Sample collection kits with barcoded vials, swabs, and shipping materials are shipped in bulk to your school.
  2. Automated matching between student’s registration records and sample barcode for easy registration and collection..
  3. All Individual test kit, bar code, and contact info, symptom questionnaire answers are securely stored on HIPAA compliant cloud servers.
  4. Samples dropped off at a Medio collection site are  shipped to the nearest lab and processed for next-day results.

Use Medio to manage COVID-19 and focus on what your school does best...educating students.

School Services

Service Elements

Standard Self-managed services
Next-gen Sequencing based PCR…better than Gold-Standard  
HIPAA compliant data service for best-in class data privacy  
Web Application for simple & fast test registration  
Automated Results reporting to parents, schools, state & county  
Weekly test kit delivery with all vials and return shipping packaging School Managed
On-site staff manages sample collection & return to Labs for test School Managed
Business analytics & management web portal, dashboards  


$20 – $45*


* Minimum test volume & term commitment required for best pricing.

** Test expenses are billed first to health insurance, then tests for those not covered by insurance are billed to state and federal funds (CARES act), and finally, those covered by neither are billed to schools. Pricing includes all software, setup, introductory training & support. Medio’s funding experts will help you tap local, state, and federal aid as well as family insurance coverage to minimize your school’s out-of-pocket expenses.

*** Discounted educational pricing is made available exlusively to  school communities through generous state, federal and philanthropic subsidies. 

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