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Low-Cost COVID-19 PCR Testing for Schools

Use Medio to manage your COVID-19 cases and focus on what your school does best...educating children.


Let Medio provide low-cost yet accurate COVID-19 PCR testing to your staff, faculty, and student body.

School Districts

Medio has the high volume capacity and surge management needed to test every school in your district regardless of size.


We understand that the school is never safe unless the extended school community is safe. At Medio we extend the same test pricing to every family member in the school community.

Simple door-to-door testing process takes the difficulty out of sample collection and result tracking

  1. Barcoded sample collection kits with saliva vials, funnels, alcohol swabs and shipping cassettes are shipped in bulk to your school.
  2. Automated matching between student’s registration records and sample barcode.
  3. The Medio web application uploads patient information, test kit barcode, symptom questionnaire answers, and vital sign measurements to a HIPPA compliant cloud server.
  4. Administrators drop off the sealed vials at a Medio collection site, where they are loaded into shipping cassettes, packaged and shipped to the nearest Medio Lab.

Gold-Standard PCR testing for as little as $25/test

Gold-Standard PCR testing for as little as $25/test

Why Medio's testing is better than our competitor's "pool testing"

With pooled testing, you have to retest all individuals anytime a positive is found in the pool. Medio’s advanced molecular barcode system maintains many of the cost benefits of pooled testing, but never requires a retest to find the positive party.

*Test expenses are billed first to health insurance, then tests for those not covered by insurance are billed to state and federal funds (CARES act), and finally, those covered by neither are billed to schools. Pricing includes all software, setup, introductory training & support. Medio’s funding experts will help you tap local, state, and federal aid as well as family insurance coverage to minimize your school’s out-of-pocket expenses.

Choose the testing package that is right for you

 Standard school-managed servicesPremium end-to-end Concierge Services
Next-gen Sequencing enhanced PCR Testing…better than Gold Standard PCR  
HIPAA compliant cloud and data services for best-in class data privacy  
Web Application for simple & fast test registration  
CDC COVID-19 Questionnaire for daily digital screening  
Web application based Health Pass shows students and staff “School Ready”  
Automated Results reporting to parents, schools, state & county  
Weekly bulk test kit delivery with all vials and return shipping packagingSelf/School ManagedMedio Staffed & Managed
On-site sample collection and return to Medio Labs for testingSelf/School ManagedMedio Staffed & Managed
On-site med-tech and nursing support and staffing to manage all aspects of individual registration, sample collection, and shippingSelf/School ManagedMedio Staffed & Managed
School readiness analytics and management web portal with dashboards  
Support for wide range of facilities access control solutions  
Consulting services for general COVID-19 pandemic trends, school abatement measures  
Pricingas low as $25 per test*as low as $35 per test*

*minimum test volume & term commitment required for best pricing.

Need a custom solution?

Let the experts at Medio design a perfectly tailored solution for your school/district

Whatever your COVID-19 needs, our team of renowned experts will work with your school and/or school district to design the best system for you and regularly examine your data to help you identify hot spots and minimize COVID-19 infection rates. Medio for Schools is an essential tool for students, staff, and families to feel safe in these risky times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Phillip Alvelda

CEO & Chairman
Phillip is a scientist & teacher turned serial entrepreneur, with leadership stints at NASA, MicroDisplay, MobiTV, the Westminster Institute for Science Education, and DARPA's NESD Brain-machine interface program.

Zvi Huber

Chief Operating Officer
Zvi leads the company's operations and technology development divisions, and has a history of advanced sensing and global IoT services, with Orbcomm, Lutron, and Sfara.

Robert Galloway

Business Development & Sales
SVP & founding shareholder for Vanguard Health Systems; SVP, Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation; General Securities Principal for Columbia Hospital Securities, Inc.; Initiated and developed two U.S. public companies for Ramsay Health Care, Ltd., including expansion into the U.K.

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