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The Importance of Synthetic Emotions in AI

In this radio interview with Lisa Morgan of Information Week, Dr Alvelda comments on the importance of synthetic emotions and empathy in artificial intelligence systems, and how the norms of the companies that build them find their ways into the … Read More

AI Ethics: Early but Formative Days

Brainworks gets some press in Software Development Times, where Dr. Alvelda discusses artificial emotional intelligence. AI ethics: Early but formative days

Ambient Biometric Sensing for Healthcare Services

Dr. Alvelda and host, Paul Middlebrooks discussed Brainworks and how we use the latest neuroscience to build AI into its products. They talk about Brainwork’s first technology offering, Ambient Biometrics, that measures vital signs using your smartphone’s camera and more. … Read More

Your Heart Rate From Your Smartphone Camera

Dr. Alvelda is interviewed on the Human Tech Podcast about his history in technology and education, and how it led to the Brainworks Health-tech products and Services Read Your Heart Rate From Your Smartphone Camera: Dr. Phillip Alvelda from Brainworks … Read More

The Brainworks Story

CEO, Dr. Phillip Alvelda and host Dr. James Somauroo discuss the story of Brainworks and how to impact global healthcare challenges.

Improving Patient Outcomes With AI

Dr. Phillip Alvelda, CEO of Brainworks, joins host Dr. Bob Kaiser for a discussion about artificial intelligence and how the healthcare industry can use it to improve patient outcomes.

Privacy, Ethics, and Regulations for AI

In this episode of the AI Today podcast hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer interview Dr. Philip Alvelda, CEO of Brainworks. He shares his thoughts on government’s role with regard to responsible and ethical AI, how new laws such as … Read More

Ethical AI Will Only Come From Ethical AI Companies

In this contributed Medium Article, Brainworks CEO, Dr. Phillip Alvelda, discussed how ethics and norms of companies are translated into their products and services.  When AI is making life-or-death decisions in society, it is critical that we choose our purveyors … Read More