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the future of healthcare.

Medio is the first of many technology-enhanced automated health-tech services under active development at the Brainworks Foundry, where we apply the latest discoveries in AI and neuroscience to enhance and automate healthcare delivery.


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Impact Oriented

We are a diverse team of creative innovators who revel in making science fiction into real working technology with global impact.

At the Brainworks Foundry for trustworthy intelligent machines, we are driving a revolution in healthcare designed to massively reduce the cost of medical assessment and care through AI-enhanced automation, and expand global access to quality care.

Watch our CEO & Chairman, Dr. Phillip Alvelda, introduce some of these new technologies at a recent VenturBeat conference.

Our values


We work on real problems that demand clear self knowledge, a recognition of important global challenges, and the difficulty of creating meaningful solutions that will have impact at large scale. We hold ourselves and our peers accountable.


Complex global challenges demand complicated, multi-component and multi-approach solutions. So we emphasize diversity of thought, background, ethnicity, skills, and approach that make a whole team much more capable of generating transformative services than the cookie-cutter approaches accessible to more homogenous teams.


When solving global challenges, there is no time to rest easy and just do more of what caused many of our problems. We have high standards of performance and self-motivation to excel, and accomplish what other consider impossible.


We don't keep or horde knowledge for individual political power in the organization. We hold the company's collective mission as more important than individual advancement. We don't keep secrets or politics. We leave ego at the door, and work to make the best ideas happen wherever they arise. We share knowledge and training to help everyone excel, grow, and succeed.


There is never a dull moment or boring routine when working on global challenges. We work on problems that are so important and impactful that the reasons to get out of bed every morning are completely clear. We are working hard to improve healthcare for everyone in the world, and to offer even the poorest and most remote people access to care when before, they had none.


We started Brainworks, and developed the Medio service specifically in service of global challenges that have defied easy solutions for decades. Our goal, put simply, is to use powerful new technology to save and extend lives.

Medio Labs Leadership

Our team of renowned experts offer their professional services to help your organization understand, plan for, and manage all aspects of the pandemic from general analytics of the pandemic and your organization’s pandemic response to facility risk assessment and upgrades, to pandemic operations.  Medio Labs experts will work to design the best system for your needs and regularly examine your data to help you identify hot spots and minimize COVID-19 infection rates, outbreaks, and shut-downs.

Dr. Phillip Alvelda

CEO & Chairman
Phillip is an Emmy award winning scientist & teacher turned serial entrepreneur, with founding leadership stints at NASA, MicroDisplay, MobiTV, the Westminster Institute for Science Education, a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, and DARPA's Biological Technologies Office that invested to create the pandemic prediction and warning systems, Moderna, and BioNTech.

Zvi Huber

Chief Operating Officer
Zvi leads the company's operations and technology development divisions, and has a history of advanced sensing and global satellite IoT services and large-scale operations, with Orbcomm, Lutron, and Sfara.

Shana McDevitt

Director, Clinical Genomics
Shana is the former Director of the Genomics Sequencing Facilities at U.C., Berkeley and later promoted to Director of Clinical Operations at the Innovative Genomics Institute. She ran PCR-based sequencing diagnostics at the Oakland Childeren's Hospital, and has built four separate whole genome sequencing SARS-CoV-2 pipelines since April 2020. Master's Degrees in Biomedical Sciences from UCSC.

Dr. Matthew Settles

Director of Bio-Informatics
Matt has established and led a series of state-of-the-art genomics laboratories at WA State U., U. of ID, and the U.C. Davis Genome Center. With over 70 genomics publications, , Matt is a recognized world-wide as an expert whose annual bioinformatics training program at UC Davis drew over 300 participants. He also played a pivotal role in establishing and running UC Davis’ COVID testing facility which has performed over 1 Million teststo-date. Matt hold’s a MS degree in Computer Science, and a Ph.D. in Bio-Informatics and Computational Biology from the U. of Idaho.

Quynh-Anh Mai

Assc. Director of Operations
Quynh-Anh completed her BS/MS in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology in the Yanofsky Lab at UC San Diego and since then has had more than a decade of experience in synthetic biology within academia and industry, with stints at the BIOFAB at JBEI, UC Berkeley, Novozymes, and various startups in the Bay Area. She is passionate about putting her resourcefulness and creativity into developing novel process flows from conception, POC and validation, to optimization, scale-up and automation.

Robert Galloway

Business Development & Sales
SVP & founding shareholder for Vanguard Health Systems; SVP, Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation; General Securities Principal for Columbia Hospital Securities, Inc.; Initiated and developed two U.S. public companies for Ramsay Health Care, Ltd., including expansion into the U.K.

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