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Fast Turn-around 
Gold-standard PCR
& Antigen Tests

Medio Labs is a CLIA certified pathology testing company offering affordable clinical diagnostic and screening tests nationwide by combining new gene-sequencer enhanced pathogen detection with expedited saliva and swab sample kit shipping to deliver accurate individual results within hours. 

All patient & sample details can be collected with an easy-to-use online form which can be customized to streamline your facility’s operations. No more paper requisitions, FAXing, or writing down patient details. JUST SCAN THE VIAL'S BARCODE AND COLLECT SAMPLES !!!


All known SARS-Cov-2 Variants of Concern including Delta, Omicron BA.1 – BA.5 can be detected in advanced of reaching infectiousness by using either swab or saliva sample collection kits.

Custom Solutions for a wide Range of Industries

Contact Medio Labs for a solution customized to your specific needs by our industry experts. 

TV & Film Studio Production, offices, and remote locations
Transportation hubs, points of entry for Planes, Trains, Ships
Events, Concerts, Sports, Conventions
Religious Venues, Services, Weddings, Funerals

Discounted Surveillance Testing for Schools

Medio Labs 4th Generation COVID Test 

Medio Labs uses a new state-of-the-art PCR testing process pioneered that upgrades the gold-standard PCR COVID-19 test process by tagging individual samples with unique small snippets of DNA and using the latest gene sequencing technology to count the individual coronavirus molecules in each and every sample. By using the world’s most accurate molecular counters, Medio Labs can offer the industry’s most accurate results (highest sensitivity and specificity) at the lowest possible cost. The new process has received and Emergency Use Approval [E.U.A.] from the FDA, and all testing is performed in a CLIA certified laboratory operated either by Medio Labs.

Advanced Lab, Test,
& Privacy Protocols

The most advanced, up-to-date gene sequencers are used to count the unique coronavirus RNA molecules in each sample with unprecedented accuracy and precision, virtually eliminating false-positives and false-negatives.  The same technology that increases the test performance also protects your privacy since the new process only detects specific strands of coronavirus RNA, and does not even measure your own human DNA.  So your private and personal health information stays private on our HIPAA compliant data storage.  

Strategic Locations Advanced Logistics

The Medio Labs unique advanced logistics strategy places labs at key shipping hubs across the country allowing for end-to-end service almost anywhere in the United States returning test results within 12 to 24 hours.

Simple delivery & return process makes collection & reporting quick and easy.

  1. Bar-coded sample collection kits with vials, funnels, alcohol swabs and shipping cassettes are shipped in bulk to testing sites.
  2. Deposit your saliva samples into the collection vials and use the web page to register it to your Medio online account.
  3. All Individual test kit, bar code & contact info, symptom questionnaires are securely stored on HIPAA compliant cloud servers.
  4. Samples dropped off at a Medio collection site are  shipped to the nearest Medio Lab and processed for next-day results.

Register in under 30 Seconds

Collect a Sample in under 30 Seconds

Expert Consulting Support

Our team of renowned experts offer their professional services to help your organization understand, plan for, and manage all aspects of the pandemic from general analytics of the pandemic and your organization’s pandemic response to facility risk assessment and upgrades, to pandemic operations.  Medio Labs experts will work to design the best system for your needs and regularly examine your data to help you identify hot spots and minimize COVID-19 infection rates, outbreaks, and shut-downs.

Dr. Phillip Alvelda

CEO & Chairman
Phillip is an Emmy award winning scientist & teacher turned serial entrepreneur, with founding leadership stints at NASA, MicroDisplay, MobiTV, the Westminster Institute for Science Education. He has been awarded numerous industry accolades including being chosen as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. He most recently served in DARPA's Biological Technologies Office that invested to create the pandemic prediction and warning systems, Moderna, and BioNTech. Prior to DARPA, Phillip was a member of NASA's technical staff where he designed sensor and computing systems that flew on the Space Shuttle, and the Gallileo, Casini, and Magellan interplanetary spacecraft. He holds numerous patents and earned his BA in Physics at Cornell Univeristy, and his MS. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Zvi Huber

Chief Operating Officer
Zvi leads the company's operations and technology development divisions, and has a long history of advanced technology development and the rapid scaling of global technology companies. His experience spans global IoT services, where he was responsible for operations and business development for Orbcom, where his deals and deployments drove the company to its public listing. More recently, Zvi served as CTO of Sfara, an advanced automotive sensing platform built on consumer cellular phones. Prior to Sfara, Zvi served in operational and technology leadership positions at Lutron.

Dan Turner

VP of Sales and Marketing
Dan leads the company's sales and marketing divisions with a 30 year history of driving sales and marketing initiatives in advertising, technology and medical industries including WebMD, Medscape, Ignite Media Asia, and Simple Labs. Dan also designed and implemented the WebMd strategy to link patients conducting web research directly with medical professional that offered care for those very conditions. Prior, Dan worked at NASA on Atmospheric Ionizing Radiation (AIR) Analysis.

Choose Standard or End-to-end Services

Service Elements

Standard Self-managed services End-to-end Concierge Service
Next-gen Sequencing based PCR …better than Gold-Standard    
HIPAA compliant data service for best-in class data privacy    
Web Application for simple & fast test registration    
CDC COVID-19 Questionnaire for daily digital screening    
Web application based Health Pass shows staff “Work Ready”    
Automated Results reporting to parents, schools, state & county    
Weekly test kit delivery with all vials and return shipping packaging Self Managed Medio Managed
On-site staff manages sample collection & return to Labs for test Self Managed Medio Managed
Business analytics & management web portal, dashboards    
Support for wide range of facilities access control solutions    
Consulting services on COVID trends, policy &abatement measures  


$45 – $65 *

$55 – $75 *

* Minimum test volume & term commitment required for best pricing.

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